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Wanted: A Few Great Prevention Ideas, Reward Offered!

Calling all community members! Do you have an idea or an event to help further youth substance abuse awareness and prevention efforts in Livingston County? You could be the next recipient of a mini-grant from the Livingston County Community Alliance. These grants, given twice per year, go to community groups and organizations that offer creative […]


Why vaping is so dangerous for teens

“We end up needing to teach kids how they can deal with cravings, how they can identify high-risk situations, how they can actually deal with being surrounded by people who are using these things,” Levy said. “Because the reality is that, for most kids, we treat them and put them back in school, and then they go to the bathroom, and everybody’s Juuling.”


A Visual Journey Through Addiction

THE OPIOID EPIDEMIC is devastating America. Overdoses have passed car crashes and gun violence to become the leading cause of death for Americans under 55. The epidemic has killed more people than H.I.V. at the peak of that disease, and its death toll exceeds those of the wars in Vietnam and Iraq combined. Funerals for […]


Prevent Drunk Driving by Highlighting Risk of Arrest, Researchers Say

Perceived risk of arrest is among the biggest deterrents to drunk driving, according to researchers who said that having laws on the books alone is not sufficient to deter those at high risk of driving under the influence of alcohol.