Welcome to Livingston County Community Alliance


Working to Reduce and Prevent Youth Substance Use

We are a county-wide, anti-drug coalition that aims to unite the Livingston County community to reduce and prevent youth substance use and to live a healthy and drug-free lifestyle. Our purpose is to connect the Livingston County community to establish and promote healthy community norms concerning the use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.

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Sticker Shock Project
Project Sticker Shock

Project Sticker Shock is a youth-based activity in which area youth place stickers on multi-packs of beer and wine coolers reminding buyers that it’s illegal to purchase alcohol for minors.

Safe Homes
Safe Homes Registry

Our "Safe Homes" project is for families who have committed to providing education and a safe substance-free environment for their children, and their friends while in their home.

Joe Carney and Terry Murray standing with a box representing 10,000ls of pills collected
Big Red Barrel

The BRB is our permanent prescription drug collection units available for community use. Safe medicine disposal decreases prescription drug abuse and helps maintain a healthy environment.


Safe Boating
Safe Boating

Safe Boating is our BUI (Boating Under the Influence) campaign. For many boat operators, they don’t know that they can become impaired more quickly than a driver, drink for drink.

Do you or someone you know have a substance use problem?