Community Outreach


Throughout the year, LCCA staff and members present on local drug trends, youth alcohol use, youth marijuana use, and prescription drug misuse/abuse among many others. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, LCCA staff can tailor it to meet your needs and expectations. Please e-mail to schedule yours today!

Awareness Campaigns

Many factors lead to youth substance abuse. That’s why our efforts focus on REDUCING risk factors while STRENGTHENING protective factors as a community. This is done through multiple campaigns including school campaigns and community awareness campaigns.

MOST Teens Don’t Use

MOST Teens Don't Use Livingston

The MOST Campaign is a social norming campaign for Livingston County. The concept of the campaign is to let students and their parents know that MOST Teens Don’t Use alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and prescription drugs. Thus, in order to “fit in” or “be part of the crowd”, teenagers do not need to use.

Studies show that peer and parent perceptions about the percentage of teenagers who use substances are much higher than actual numbers of teenagers who are using. Since changing perceptions is the first step in changing behaviors, the campaign focuses on the positive – that MOST teens are not using. By correcting the misconceptions, teens won’t feel pressured to use because they believe that “everyone else is doing it”.

The campaign consists of school based activities that coincide with drawing attention to different substances each month throughout the school year. Past activities have included widespread poster distribution, social media postings, and promotional giveaways.

Policy Development

The LCCA is always working with our local partners to advocate for comprehensive policies that decrease youth substance use in Livingston County. These include mandatory trainings for alcohol retailers to serve alcohol safely, alcohol retailer education, and educating local cities and townships about the increased prevalence in youth marijuana use as it relates to local dispensaries.