Passion for Prevention

Passion for Prevention is the LCCA's podcast! We are currently in our second season with our new host Hayley. Hear directly from professionals on topics related to substance abuse prevention and mental health.

Season Two


Meet our new host Hayley!

Episode One

This month we are joined by Joy Dettling from Upswing Wellness! Joy is a life coach that focuses on perception reframing and has come to share some of her knowledge with us. You can contact joy at joy@upswingwellness.com and find more information on her website at upswingwellness.com.

Episode Two

In this months episode we discuss ACES (Adverse Childhood Event). Holly and Jennifer tell us about how these events can affect children into their adult life, the angel program, as well as some resources to help. If you are interested in learning more or want to schedule an ACES training for your group or organization, please contact Holly and Jennifer. You can also take the ACES quiz and find out your score and what is considered an Adverse Childhood Event.
Holly Naylor - hnaylor@lacasacenter.org
Jennifer Tate - TateJ6@michigan.gov